Hope of reunification abandoned

At the Düppel (Dybbøl) Anniversary 1995, the SSF chairman Heinrich Schultz officially renounced hope of reunification: „And times have changed. Both minorities – the German north of the border, and the Danish south of the border – have each tried in vain to realise a dream of relocating the border in order to manage a reunification with their mother country. Today I would like to emphasise again what I have said at the main event of the Danish Annual Meeting: Today I have became aware that the results of the poll in 1920 were the right outcome. And it is well and proper, that both attempts to change that after the events have failed. I am saying this not at least on the background of the many crises and war zones, that we see in the immediate vicinity of our European house.“[1]



[1] Sønderjyske Årbøger 1995. Quote: Lars N. Henningsen (editor): Zwischen Grenzkonflikt und Grenzfrieden. Die dänische Minderheit in Schleswig-Holstein in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 2011, p. 252

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