The SSF (South Schleswig Association) is the Danish →minority’s main association, founded in 1920, following the Danish-German Demarcation Poll, under the name Den Slesvigske Forening (Schleswig Association). After a continuously decrease in number of members, primarily owing pressure from the Nazi dictatorship, the association underwent a major influx after the end of the Second World War, peaking in 1948 at approximately 75,000 members. In 1946, the name of the association was changed to Sydslesvigsk Forening (South Schleswig Association). In 1948, the SSW was separated from the SSF and became an independent party, still closely connected to the SSF. In connection with the consolidation of the German Federal Republic, the number of members decreased again. Today, the SSF counts 15,000 members in approximately 80 local chapters, plus appr. 10,000 members in 25 associated clubs and associations. The purpose of the SSF is to promote the Danish language and the Danish and Nordic culture, foster a close relation with Denmark as a cultural organisation, responsible for the cultural offerings and minority-policy interests of the minority. The school system, health, nursing and caretaking services, as well as the church, sport and youth associations of the Danish Minority work closely together with the SSF, but they are not subordinated.

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